A Bamana Do N’Jelini sculpture


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A Bamana Do N’Jelini sculpture, Mali, standing on a circular base, flatted feet of angular form, slightly bent legs leading to prominent buttocks and supporting a flaring pointed torso, large conical breasts, rounded shoulders terminating in arms slightly bent forward, hands with incised fingers, an elongated cylindrical neck supporting a helmet-like head with a pointed mouth beneath a flattend perforated nose, oval ears set low on the head, capped by a single crested coiffure; heavy crusted patina, traces of age and ritual use.

Lit.: Jean-Paul Colleyn: Bamana: The Art of Existence in Mali, Museum for African Art, New York 2001; Jean-Paul Colleyn: Bamana. Visions of Africa, Milan 2009.

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Height: 46 cm
Weight: 8 kg

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Weight 8 kg