A Baule Ndoma mask


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A Baule Ndoma mask, Ivory Coast, elegantly exemplifies the Baulé aesthetic and it’s naturalism, magnified in “idealised and pensive faces, with their highbrow of enlightened intelligence and their eyes lowered to the respectful presence of the world” (Vogel, L’art Baoulé. Du visible et de l’invisible, 1997, p.141). 

The majesty of the lines is echoed in the great refinement of the head-set, with its elaborate hair style and delicate scarification at the cheeks and the forehead, the details, in particular the mouth which lends this piece an immediate impression of supple balance, surmounted with a threeparted, striated coiffure; blackened to brownish, glossy surface; pierced through at the rim.

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Height: 40 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

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Weight 1.5 kg