A Benin bracelet

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A Benin bracelet with anthropomorphic figures and animals like crocodiles, pierced through at numerous parts, made in lost wax methode; highaged (18th to 20th century), partly oxidized and eroded.

“In addition to coral-bead collars and other regalia, sumtuous layers of cloth, and brass hip ornaments, the Oba and chiefs of Benin wear pairs of ornate bracelets at palace festivals. These long cylindrical cuffs are worn at the wrist, and can be seen in many of Benin brass plaques…Kate Ezra, Royal Art of Benin, The Perls Collection, The MET, NY, 1992, Bracelets, page 175.

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Height: 16 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg

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Weight 1.2 kg