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A Dogon female figure, Mali, of abstracted form, posted on an oval base, seated on a three legged stool, angular legs leading to rounded protruding hips, the genitals are emphasised, the flaring pointed torso with a projecting navel and conical hanging breasts, flanked by rounded wide shoulders and terminating in elongated arms with deeply grooved hands, the right arm raised with a pointed index finger, her left hand resting on the leg, wearing bracelets around the upper arms and wrists, the back decorated with an openwork zig-zag-carving, wearing an amulet around the cylindrical neck, a helmet-like head with a pointed mouth beneath an arrow-like nose, framed by bulging eyes, hemispherical ears, decorated with incised patterns made of lines, diamonds and zig-zags, capped by a rim; thick encrusted brown patina, traces of age and ritual use, several cracks, the left hand wrapped in layers of cloth.

Lit.: Hélène Leloup: Dogon: Weltkulturerbe Afrikas, Katalog zur Ausstellung in Bonn, Bundeskunsthalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland,14.01.2011 – 22.01.2012, München 2011; Hélène Leloup/William Rubin/Richard Serra/Georg Baselitz: Dogon Statuary, Strasbourg 1994.

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Weight 2 kg