A female Attie sculpture


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A female Attie sculpture, region Akoupé/Azoupé, Ivory Coast, sitting on a one-legged stool, small feet, muscular legs ending in prominent buttocks, wearing a loin-cloth around the hips, a slender torso with wooden pins for ritual medicine on the front and the backside, solid conical breasts, muscular arms which are raised upwards holding a small barrel on the head, the elongated neck supporting an oval head, a small mouth beneath a slender nose with a broad tip, high arched brows, large coffee-bean shaped eyes, further wooden pins placed on the forehead, temples and the cheeks, the head capped by a backswept coiffure with rectangular patterns; natural brownish patina, the whole sculpture covered with white kaolin, traces of age and ritual use. Provenance Mohamed Belo Garba, Korhogo, Ivory Coast.

400 – 500,- Euro

Height: 29 cm
Weight: 500 g

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