A female Konkomba sculpture

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According of the last owner, a local dealer in Lomé, who sold this figure to me, a female Konkomba sculpture, in any case a stylistic interesting carving with signs of ritual use.

“Concerning the statuary, no images/photos or references of sculptures or figures attributed to the Konkomba can be found in the literature of the 19th and 20th centuries – only in recent years have works attributed to the Konkomba appeared on the tribal art market, many of them are large-scale, i.e. higher than 80 cm, see some selected examples below [6-10]. Also, it seems difficult to recognize a consistent style in these works, since they vary from highly abstract with simple volumes to much more complex compositions.” Thomas Keller in Statuary in Context blogspot.

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Height: 59 cm
Weight: 4,3 kg

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Weight 4.3 kg