A female Lobi sculpture


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A female Lobi sculpture of the Latara carver Defreté, standing on blockshaped feet, thr arms carved close to the body, the hanging breasts tapering, the globular head with large, bulging eyes. The workshop of the village Latera was inhabited by a group of Loron carvers, called Koukoure, Defrete and Polfote (who changed sometimes his name and is also well known under the psydonyme Boumanthe in literature).

According of Daniela Bognolo Sib Koukouré isn´t alive anymore (1955 – 2003 -Visions of Africa, Lobi, 2007; 59) but we found him still going strong in Latara and he gave us detail informations about Palé Nifouthé, who died 1966 in an age about 70 years.

google: Koukouré, Polfoté und Defreté, carving session.

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Height: 68 cm
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Weight 4 kg