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A female Luba sculpture of unknown function, probably part of a loom, Kualaba River region, Congo, a fine aged patina is verfying a high age and ritual use. Master of the Cascade Coiffure or its workshop. Before 1950.

“The exact date of the founding of the Luba Kingdom is uncertain. According to oral tradition, the cultural hero Kalala Ilunga conquered the lands of adjacent chiefs along the Lualaba River. He and his successors were venerated as living divinities capable of great power. During the eighteenth century the Luba empire expanded eastward and southward until it reached the basins of the Sankuru and Lomami rivers. Luba art consequently varies regionally and has also influenced the art of neighboring peoples including the Hemba and the Boyo. Most of the Luba art in Western collections was originally produced in association with royal or chiefly courts and was meant to validate the power of leaders. Luba art forms tend to be “delicately modeled and curvilinear, expressing serenity and introspection.” Source: Wikipedia.

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