A Hemba Spirit Mask

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A Hemba Spirit Mask of droplike form, a large, curved slitmouth, encirceled coffeabean eyes; encrusted, blackened patina.

George Nelson Preston, African Sculpture: Rare and Familiar Forms from the Collection of Ernst Anspach, 1974, cover and pp. 1 and 12, cat. 8 Susan Mullin Vogel, The Art of Collecting African Art, New York,1988, p. 45 , Jack McKesson, “Les Expositions,” Arts d’Afrique Noire, no. 67, Autumn 1988, p. 35, Christine Mullen Kreamer, “The Art of Collecting African Art,” African Arts, vol XXII, no. 2, February 1989, p. 95 

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Height: 21 cm
Weight: 370 g

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