A horizontal Ci Wara


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A horizontal Ci Wara with an elongated snout and surmounted by a female figure, satnding on a rectangular base with shortened, bent legs; natural brounish patina, remnants of karité.

The famous Ci-wara antelope-headdresses, objects of rare elegance, are among the world´s best known pieces of African Art. And ever since Captain Archinard´s shipment to the Musée d´Ethnographie du Trocadero in 1882 0f one such specimen, thousands of other Ci-wara exemplares have been acquired by private collectors and public institutions around the world. Pascal Imerato has provided a useful summary of the two main style-divisions os “Ci-wara heads: “There exist two pricipal sorts of Tyi Wara Koun among the Bambara: The vertcal and the horicontal. Within these groups one finds several sub-styles. The vertical forms are encountered in the east of Bambara country; the horizontal in the west.” Imperato 1970.

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Height: 42 cm
Length: 65 cm
Weight: 950 g

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