A large Lobi sculpture

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A large Lobi sculpture with a truncated cap, probably of Some Binlarè, who died 1980 or 1981, or his circumstances. According of the pointed chin and the form of the flattened male breast this sculpture in all lkelihood from Binlaré himself. Against this assumption: the sculpture doesn´t have the feet “turned inside”, which could be characteristic for all works of Some Binlaré.

We collected the first five sculptures 2007and in this year other eleven statues. Five of the recently discovered figures were purchased directly from Loupité Pale one of the two sons, who were also carvers; In March 2008 we could identify this carver and his circumstances by his family, in the meantime we collected more than 30 sculptures of this carver/s.

700- 800,- Euro

Height: 84
Weight: 4,8 kg

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Weight 4.8 kg