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A Lobi couple according of the information of the last owner, a dealer in Gaoua from the Nako/Malba region. Daniela Bognolo however located this carver in the region between Dapola and Montal. The name of the carver is supposed Kompouthé Hien (born around 1922). Keller mentioned this carver as a follower of Sikire Kambire (“Bonko Style” S. 84/85). If the Facebook information of Bognolo is correct it´s nearly sure, that he knew SK personally, who died in 1963. At that time this carver would be about 40 years old. Most sculptures of this sculptor are small bateba up to 25 cm, bigger sculptures are more rare.

800 – 1.000,- Euro

Height: 37,5 cm / 37 cm
Weight: 2,1 kg

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Weight 2.1 kg