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A Losso sculpture of Northern Togo, standing on zigzag shaped legs, an elongated torso with arms in the same manner, carved close to the body, a spherical head with deep sockets and an open full-bodied mouth, a pearl-necklace with cowrie-shells; encrusted natural brownish patina.

The Lossos (Nawdba, sing. Nawda) are an ethnic and linguistic group of people living in the Doufelgou District (Préfecture) of the Kara Region in Northern Togo, West Africa. The district capital is Niamtougou which is also an important regional market town. The Lossos live on a plateau in the Togo Mountains between two mountain ranges: the Kabiyé Mountains to the South and the Défalé Chain to the North. They occupy the communities of Niamtougou, Koka, Baga, Ténéga, Siou, Djogrergou, Sioudouga, Kpadeba, Hago, Koukou, and Kounfaga. The Doufelgou District is bordered by the Kozah District to the South, by the Binah District to the East, by the Bassar District to the West, by the Kéran District to the North, and by the international border with Bénin to the Northeast. Source Wikipedia.

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Height: 53 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg

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Weight 1.6 kg