A male Baule blolo bian sculpture

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A male Baule blolo bian sculpture (the spiritual husband) of the Sakassou region.

This male figure most likely represents a sculpture made for a spirit husband, Blolo bian. According to Vogel, ‘these figures represent an ideal of man or womanhood, embodying not only physical perfection, but social, moral and intellectual achievement. Spirit spouse sculptures can be seen as a kind of opposite sex alter ego and are a fascinating case of the use of art in Africa for individual psychological relief. The Baule are one of a number of African groups who believe that before birth, human beings all had Blolo bla (spirit wife) and Blolo bian (spirit husband) spouses in the other world who can influence their lives. Baule artists and their nearby neighbors seem to be the only artists in Africa who traditionally carved figural representations of spirit spouses’.

Sources: A History of Art in Africa / Africa – The Art of a Continent.

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