A male Baule sculpture


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A male Baule sculpture, Ivory Coast, standing with flattened feet on an oval plinth, short slightly bent legs ending up in buttock, the knees encircling by a band, well emphasized genitals, an elongated slender torso with a pointed navel, one hand touching the abdomen, the other carved close to the body, holding an object, a cylindrical neck supporting an oval head with fine facial features, striated three-parted goatee, a protruding mouth, a straight nose with an elegant concave curvature, almond-shaped eyes, the eyebrows extend beyond a semicircle and are connected in the middle, scarification in a diamond-shaped form above the bridge of the nose, different scarification patterns on the face and the body, capped by a striated coiffure with pigtails; natural brown patina, remnants of sacrifications, but obviously washed off for ritual reasons, traces of age and use, several cracks, repairs in particular at the back of the figure.

Lit.: Susan M. Vogel: Baule. African Art, Western Eyes, 1997.

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Height: 53 cm
Weight: 1,40 kg

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