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A Male Baule, central Bouaké region, erect stature, short stout legs, long slender arms resting flat against the body, the hands touch the thighs, the surface of the body very fine, as if treated in copperplate work, on the front of the body symmetrical scarification marks, on the back asymmetrical, upper arm bracelets, drop-shaped face, mouth tapering to a small hollow, straight nose with an elegant curvature, the large eyes are closed and give the face a meditative, concentrated expression, the eyebrows extend beyond a semicircle and are connected in the middle by six small rectangular scarification marks, a chin beard and a very precisely worked hairstyle with a small braid at the upper back of the head complete the elegant appearance; shiny black surface.

“Baule culture is highly aestheticizing: people devote much attention and effort to creating a striking appearance in their persons and surroundings. Many ordinary objects are decorated, and undecorated things – tobacco leaves hung up to dry, or tomatoes set out for sale – are arranged with an eye for visual effect.”

Susan M. Vogel, African Art Western Eyes, 1997, 82-83.

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Weight 1.3 kg