A male Ibeji presumably Oyo maybe


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A male Ibeji presumably Oyo maybe from Ogbomosho, round base with two small protruding squares under it (maybe a carver’s mark?), wide hips, navel as an incised triangle, arms well proportioned, small genitalia, female-like breast, shoulders narrow and rounded, long neck, the mouth with its well emphasized lips has the same width as the nose and the chin, the ears are protruding, set towards the back of the head and have a particular shape, the eyes are bordered all around and pierced, one nail is still in situ, a bracelet with transparent and brown beads; vivid shiny patina, remains of Camwood. Rarity grade according to Polo/David: rare.

„Nasenflügel, Ober- und Unterlippe, manchmal auch das Kinn bilden eine schnitzerische Einheit … Sie haben ein dickes, hervorstehendes Hinterteil und die eingeschnitzte Wirbelsäulenlinie.“ Stoll 234/235

Lit: Polo/David, Catalogue, 2001, 750, type A. Polo, Enzyklopädie, 2008, 447. Stoll, Ibeji, 1980, 234/235.

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