A Mossi female sculpture


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A Mossi female sculpture, Burkina Faso, large wedge-shaped feet, slightly bent legs ending up in a prominent buttock, a slender torso with an accentuated navel, bent arms carved close to the body, tapering, hanging breasts, strong rounded shoulders that extend over the trunk, an elongated cylindrical neck supporting a rounded head with a flattened fascial plane and fine features, large hemispherical, perforated ears with a triangles embedded in the middle, capped by a striated crested coiffure, the figure display the typical tribal decorative scarification marks in recessed, carved white accentuated lines and motifs on the face and on the body; brown patina, traces of age and ritual use.

Lit.: Christopher D. Roy/Thomas G.B. Wheelock: Land of the Flying Masks. Art and Culture in Burkina Faso. The Thomas G. B. Wheelock Collection, Prestel 2007.

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Height: 66 cm
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