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A pyknic Lobi sculpture posted on a one leg stool, holding a tubelike instrument on its chin, the coiffure threeparted and elaborated with a crescent-shaped adz. Probably this carving is from “the carver of the pointed chin” (PH), who is normally carving slender, ectomorphic figures. A metamorphic variation done by photoshop shows a certain similarity with the wellknown carver. Also the identification mark of the ears, which has a longlasting tradition in history of art, is an indication at least of the same workshop, but I suppose it is the same carver.

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Height: 40 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg

A metamorphose done by hand with photoshop 5.5.

A Morphing-Performance of Bimtiote Dah and his Workshop done by a morphing software.

Working in the nineteenth century, Italian art historian Giovanni Morelli strove to define the elements that most clearly manifest an artist’s individuality. The Morellian method found great interest with Sigmund Freud, and subsequent scholars and art historians have adapted it. The key to its analysis is artists’ tendency to repeat non-relevant elements. It also holds that there are certain forms which can be related to the individual artist rather than being influenced by “school or tradition”. As morphological evidence, Morelli used the forms of hands, ears, and fingernails, for example.

(quoted from Bettina von Lintig, Chance Encounter: Kwayep of Bamana, Tribal Art Magazine, no. 70, Winter 2013: p. 96).

Bruno Cleassens recently analyzes a Luluwa workshop with this methode.

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Weight 2.7 kg