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A Senufo couple, Korhogo, Ivory Coast, seated on a four legged stool, with wedge-shaped feet, the female has a sucking child on her lap, tapering, hanging breasts, the male holds a sickle on his right leg, both sculptures have a slender torso, a cylindrical neck, framed by bent arms, bracelets around lower and upper arms, a fascial plane with bulging heavy lidded eyes and a small pointed mouth, showing the teeth, scarification marks on the face and on the body, notched back line, the male has large semi-circular ears projecting outwardly from the face, the female capped by four parted hairdress with a pony-like braid at back of the head, the male wears a single crested coiffure; natural brownish patina, traces fo age and ritual use, partly eroded, several cracks on each sculpture.

Lit.: Burkhard Gottschalk: Senufo. Massa und die Statuen des Poro, Düsseldorf 2002; Kat. Ausst. Die Kunst der Senufo: Elfenbeinküste. Mit einem Beitrag von Till Förster, Staatliche Museen der Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Museum für Völkerkunde Berlin, 16.11.1990 – 24.2.1991, Berlin 1990; Die Kunst der Senufo, Museum Rietberg Zürich, aus Schweizer Sammlung, Zürich 1988; Homberger Lorenz: Künstler in Werkstätten der Senufo. In: Afrikanische Meister. Kunst der Elfenbeinküste, Zurüch 2014, p. 151-178; Glaze, Anita. “Woman Power and Art in a Senufo Village.” African Arts 8 (3, 1975): 24-29, 64-68, 90-91.

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The female sculpture:

Height: 66,5 cm
Weight: 4,90 kg

The male sculpture:

Height: 65,5 cm
Weight: 4,40 kg

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