A Shango dance staff


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A Shango dance staff with a kneeing female figure, touching her breasts; fine resinous patina.

Shango was the third Alafin of Oyo, following Oranmiyan and Ajaka  He brought prosperity to the Oyo Empire ] According to Professor Mason’s Mythological Account of Heroes and Kings, unlike his peaceful brother Ajaka, he was a powerful and violent ruler. He reigned for seven years which were marked by his continuous campaigns and many battles. His reign ended due to his inadvertent destruction of his palace by lightning. He had three wives, namely Queen Oshun, Queen Oba, and Queen Oya. The Oyo Empire declined in the 19th century, which led to the enslavement of its people by the Fulani and the Fon. Among them were many followers of ?àngó, and worship of the deity thrives in the New World as a result. Strong devotion to ?àngó led to Yoruba religions in Trinidad and Recife, Brazil being named after the deity.

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