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A Shango staff, depicting a standing female figure, wearing a loincloth knotted at the back, around her neck a container or bag, bracelets, an elaborate, helmet-like headgear and on top of it Shango’s double axe, a slightly opened mouth, a broad flat nose, slanted big eyes, scarification marks on the cheeks; brown, shiny patina, remains of Camwood, the head ornament colored with washing blue.

„Among the objects used to honor Shango is the oshe Shango, or dance wand. It is carried by Shango priests and devotees during public worship activities and enshrined on the deity’s altar. … The priestesses or female supplicants often depicted on oshe Shango represent Shango’s benevolence as he bestows the blessing of children upon his faithful worshippers and protects children, especially twins (ibeji).“ Read more: Shango dance wand (“Oshe” Shango”).

Lit.: Dierk Lange: Der Ursprung des westafrikanischen Wettergottes Schango. In: Saeculum, 45, 1994, S. 213–238. Norma H. Wolff, D. Michael Warren, The Agbeni Shango Shrine in Ibadan: A Century of Continuity, African Arts, Vol. 31, (Summer, 1998). Richer Xavier, Joubert Helene, Dance with Shango, God of thunder, 2018.

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Height: 44 cm
Weight: 360 g

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