A small Luluwa maternity

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A small Luluwa maternity, holding a child in its hands, marked by intricate scarification patterns; shiny, aged, blackened patina.

The Luluwa are closely related to the Luba Kasai and migrated along with them in the 18th century following an attack by the Luba Katanga. All of the palm trees in the region were cut down on the orders of Chief Kalamba in an effort to inhibit the consumption of palm wine. In 1875, he introduced and encouraged the smoking of hemp as an alternative, and a series of rituals developed surrounding the practice among the Luluwa. Both ivory and slaves were traded to the Chokwe in exchange for guns prior to European colonization. Since settling into their present location the Luba Kasai have grown more quickly than the Luluwa, at times threatening their sovereignty. Currently, both groups live peacefully in the same area. Source Iowa, Museum of Art.

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