A so-called Baule “Colon Maternity”


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A so-called Baule “Colon Maternity” of a woman, Ivory Coast, posted on a carved plinth, a long skirt, holding a child on its back; remnants of a painted patina.

This sculpture was most probably made in the years after 1960 – the Independence of most West African States. The Lobi Carver, Kilité Noufe, who carved many similar figures with Western attachments, said to me: “These figures have nothing to do with colonization It was the time when we became Europeans and that’s what these sculptures express, which is why I started to carve such figures. ”
Loropeni 2008, Burkina Faso.

A sculpture of Kilité Noufe

400 – 500,- Euro

Height: 53 cm
Weight: 1,4 kg

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Weight 1.4 kg