An Edan Ogboni Yoruba bromze

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An Edan Ogboni Yoruba bromze, high aged patina, the work of a skillful blacksmith.

Among the Yoruba, various religious organizations exist to placate the spirits and forces of nature in its myriad shapes and forms. One of the most powerful of these organizations is the secret society of Ogboni, composed of elders of Yoruba society who are considered “masters of the earth.” The primary identifying objects of the Ogboni Society are paired bronze staves known as “Edan.” Usually these objects are attached together with a piece of chain and cast over an iron rod, therefore unifying the magical forces associated with iron and brass. These would have hung around the initiates’ neck and down the chest as a visible symbol of rank at society meetings.

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Height: 28 cm
Weight: 600 g

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