An Ibeji couple


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An Ibeji couple, from the Yoruba of the Republic of Benin, flat round bases, the male wears an apron, the backbone and shoulder-blades are soft designed, the navel of the female forms a little circle, the breasts are pointed and protruding, the neck is strong and short, both have finely elaborated faces, the lips are thin and the mouth is slightly open, the nose is long and connected to the forehead and eyebrows, the eyes are almond-shaped and bordered all around, the hands are held at the height of the hips with the fingers and the thumbs held downwards, both wear a European-style hairdo which is blackened with Reckitt; light brown wood with a beautiful patina that shines in shades from dark brown to red with bright rubbed-off areas on the frequently touched parts of the body due to cultic use.

350 – 450,- Euro

Height: 28 cm / 27 cm
Weight: 320 g / 300 g


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