An Ibeji couple probably Oyo


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An Ibeji couple probably Oyo from Ilorin standing on round bases, straight and short legs, the hands lie flat on the thighs, round glutaei, the genitalia carefully detailed, the navel slightly protruding, the chest well emphasized, the breasts are sagging, but at the top they point forward, the shoulders straight and narrow, the neck strong, the chin very receding, the mouth wide, the nose long with a broad tip, the eyes elliptical with the upper lid emphasized, the big ears set towards the back of the head, the hair-style is formed of two plaits that form a triangle and then meet at the top, they form a central rectangular hole in the middle and they are painted blue with washing blue; dark brown patina.
Rarity grade according to Fausto Polo and Jean David: scarce.


Lit.: Fausto Polo, Jean David, Catalogue of the Ibeji, 2001, 766, type G. Fausto Polo, Enzyklopädie der Ibeji, 2008, 482, 485.

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Height: 30 cm / 30 cm
Weight: 215 g / 220 g

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