An Ibo/Igbo mask


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An Ibo/Igbo mask, Nigeria, of hollowed oval form, the white coloured face with an open mouth and carved rows of teeth beneath a triangular nose with accentuated nostrils, slit eyes, hemispherical ears projecting outwardly from the face, the facial features and the decorative scarification marks on the temples and cheeks are coloured in black, capped by deep carved lines, with high, openwork comb hairstyle, carved out from the same piece, pierced through at the rim for attachment; traces of age and ritual use.

Lit.: Herbert M. Cole/Chike C. Aniakor: Igbo Arts. Community and Cosmos, 1984 Univ of California Museum; G. I. Jones: Ibo Art, 1989 London.

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Height: 36 cm
Weight: 600 g

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