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Baule couple, posted on rounded plinths, blackened, aged patina, several age cracks, the female sculpture holding a child in the arms; collected in the Kebeci region, close to Yamousokoro.

The Baule also believe in a far-off place that they call “blolo”. It is a place “which exists beyond sensory experience”. The Other-World is thought of as an ideal world, a place of exaggerated perfection. The “blolo” is inhabited by human spirits. It is the place from which comes the spirit of a newborn and the place to which a person’s spirit returns to death. It is also a place where each person has a partner of the opposite sex. A woman has an “Other-World man” – “blolo bian” – , a man has an “Other-World woman” – ” blolo bla”.

800 – 1.000,- Euro

Height: 31 cm / 30 cm
Weight: 260 g / 280 g

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