Five sculptures Ewe/Dangme related

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Five sculptures Ewe/Dangme related, Southern part of Ghana, but according of the last owner collected in the North of Ghana close to the Lobi-Wala, Wa region, similar like the PramPram, influenced by the Moba, the migration of ethnic groups, which are well known in the South, went in the North/South direction. The faces on the abdomen of these figures lets us assume that they are fertility figures; light wood with remnants of kaolin.


Aklaman, Hilfsgeister der Ewe und Dangme aus der Studiensammlung Horst Antes. Helper Spirits of the Ewe and Danhme from the Study Collection of Horst Antes.

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Height: 32 – 33 cm
Weight: 300 – 400 g

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