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Konkomba sculpture Northern Ghana or Togo, published in Thomas Keller, statuary in context and the related book, Northern Togo Statuary.

It is conceivable that these works do not originate from the Konkomba, since the ethnic settlement is heterogeneous, as described above – and for instance is also the case for the northern Kusasi [12] – or due to often unclear people denominations. This assumption would be reinforced by the fact that no consistent style seems to exist in these works attributed to the Konkomba. An example is the sculpture on the far right. The original purchase certificate at hand states its origin as ‘’Komboli, Togo’’, which then mutated into ‘’Konkomba’’ in the Yale archive denomination [10]. However, looking on the map above and analyzing the style, the more appropriate origin is most probably ‘’Kambole’’, a village in the south of the Tchamba and east of the Temba, whose style is very similar to that of this sculpture.The fact that the Konkomba do not form a uniform people, as mentioned above, may contribute to these problems.

problems.Northern Togo Statuary

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