Two walking sticks of Sikire Kambire


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Two walking sticks of Sikire Kambire (1896 – 1963) and Dihounte Palenfo (1925 – 2015), coming from the same village and probably they have the same age, fine, shiny patina and traces of intensive use. The work of Dihounte Palenfo is characteristic for his early phase during Sikire Kambire was probably still his teacher and mastercarver.

In the interview with the daughter of Sikire Kambire she mentioned the production of these sticks. But is seems to be the first time one of these exemplares come to the market. Ceremonial staffs and stools are sometimes available.

Even this excellent, old exemplare of a Lobi Staff is obvious not from Sikire Kambire, it begs the question, if there were other carvers around SK outside of the well known sculptors Dihunte Palenfo and Lunkena Pale. I hazzard the guess that there were talented students around this master carver we don´t know by name, who have also created skillfull works like the quoted exemplare.

Height: 118 cm / 104 cm
Weight: 540 g / 500 g


Wolfgang Jaenicke und Dihunthe Palenfo, Tambili 2009.

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