Very interesting clothed male ibeji


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Very interesting clothed male ibeji, standing on a round base which is cut in the middle. This little guy is one of the very few Ibeji that are clothed. He wears a triple-belted long shirt with a collar of four triangles, plus a wide collar around the neck and three bracelets on each wrist. Around each wrist hangs a large iron ring. The head appears proudly raised, the lips of the big mouth are full and slightly open, the broad nose merges directly into the arched forehead, the big eyes are bordered all around and the aluminium nails serving as pupils are still in situ, there are two big diagonal scarification marks on each cheek, the headgear, the ears and the face are somewhat reminiscent of the Yagba Ibeji of Master Rotimi Baba Oloja from Isare, who also wear three bracelets and a necklace and are girded too, but who are naked; dark wood, remnants of camwood.

Lit.: Polo, Enzyklopädie, 347 (shirt), 655 (belt, collar, bracelets).

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Height: 28 cm
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