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Very rare Ibeji couple, flat round bases, short feet, finely elaborated bodies, the male wears an apron, the female´s pubic hair is encarved, the backbone and shoulder-blades are soft designed, the navel and breast nipples form little circles, the breasts of the female are pointed and protruding, the neck is strong, the lips are swollen and the mouth is slightly open, three broad scarifications on the cheeks, the nose is flat and the eyes are semi-circular and bordered all around, the hands are held at the height of the hips, with the tips of the four fingers completely bent upwards, the thumbs are held downwards, both wear a beehive-like hairstyle, the posture of the hands and the particular shape of the ears remind very much of the Ibeji of the Egba from Abeokuta; dark black, shiny patina with bright rubbed-off areas on the protruding parts of the body due to cultic use.

This type is not to be found in Fausto Polos catalog or in other literature I have access to.

Literature ears and hands: Fausto Polo, Catalogue, 10-17.

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Height: 26 cm / 27 cm
Weight: 340 g / 330 g

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